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Liverpool has a number of fascinating museums including:

The town hall and attached Astor Theatre are registered Historic Places, built in 1901 – 1902 from designs by well known architect Herbert Gates. The building is unique because it combines two buildings as one larger structure – former civic offices and a public auditorium.



No visit to Liverpool would be complete without a visit to one of the area’s historical lighthouses. These include:

  • Fort Point Lighthouse – facing Liverpool harbour, Fort Point is the third oldest lighthouse in Nova Scotia. It houses a lighthouse museum and is surrounded by a public park.
  • Coffin Island Lighthouse – situated on an island in Liverpool Bay. It can be viewed from Moose Harbour, Fort Point Lighthouse Park, or from a look-off on Brooklyn Shore Road in Beach Meadows.
  • Port Medway Lighthouse Park – located in nearby Port Medway along the Lighthouse Route.
  • Medway Head, Long Cove Lighthouse – a 7-minute drive from Port Medway after turning onto Long Cove Road.
  • Spectacle Island Lighthouse – located on the northwest point of Spectacle Island in Port Mouton Bay, a short distance from Summerville Beach and Hunts Point.
  • Western Head Lighthouse – 11 minutes drive from Fort Point via School Street, on Breakwater Road. This facility serves as an Environment Canada Weather Station, which is constantly monitored by automatic equipment.



The Liverpool area is known for its white sandy beaches and rocky shores, a startling and beautiful contrast to be explored and photographed. The area offers protected shorelines which are a safe harbour for seals, popular white sand beaches awash with shells and sand dollars, and beaches bustling with surfers and sun worshippers. The beaches in the area include Beach Meadows, Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct, Summerville Beach, Thomas H. Raddall Provincial Park, White Point Beach, Carter’s Beach, Eagle Head, Hunts Point, and Port Joli Beach.



The Liverpool area is also known for its various annual festivals.  For a complete list of annual events, please click here.

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