Executives and Committees

The current volunteer Executive structure of the Liverpool International Theatre Festival 2018 is made up of:

  • Past President – Margo Walsh-Leaman
  • President – Jean Robinson-Dexter
  • Vice President – Annette Burke
  • Secretary – Margo Walsh-Leaman
  • Treasurer – Rob Cook

The Liverpool International Theatre Festival Board is made up of ten directors in addition to the executive. Each of these directors chairs a committee of volunteers who are responsible for various tasks.

  • Hosting is responsible for billeting international participants and observers.
  • Transportation picks up participants at the airport, transports them around Queens County as necessary, and returns them to the airport at the end of the Festival.
  • Registration and Information registers participants, welcomes them when they arrive, and gives them their information and welcome bag.
  • Hospitality organizes the entertainment and socials of the Festival.
  • Fundraising, including donations, grant applications and sponsorship, is the responsibility of the Executive.
  • School Liaison manages the presentations of the visiting groups to local schools. They promote the Festival in schools.
  • Program and Design designs the program and is responsible for the brand. They collect information, sell programs, and are in charge of the website.
  • Marketing is responsible for media relations and press releases. They distribute advertising.
  • Awards and the opening and closing ceremonies are the responsibility of the Artistic Director, in collaboration with with Executive.