General Rules

General Rules

Article 1 The Liverpool International Theatre Festival is held biennially in Liverpool Nova Scotia, with performances primarily at the Astor Theatre.


Article 2 The aim of the Festival is to present, by way of a variety of performances and subsequent critical analyses, colloquies and workshops, a global picture of the diverse trends in amateur theatre, and to encourage encounters between theatre amateurs.

Article 3 In accordance with the ideals of AITA/IATA it is essential that these performances present a diversity of cultures, scenic forms and dramatic expression. In order to justify its presentation at LITF, each performance must be of the highest artistic quality, guaranteed by the official authority or the representative organization of amateur theatre of the country concerned, in accordance with the selection procedure below Since the audience will be international, groups will be selected based on how well their plays transcend all language barriers.

Article 4 In accordance with the decision of the LITF Society governing board, this Festival is competitive and prizes are given in the following categories:

  • Best International      Production
  • Best Canadian Production
  • Best Director
  • Best Visual Presentation
  • Best Actor/Actress,      Supporting Actor/Actress
  • Best Original Script
  • The People’s Choice Award

Article 5 The participation in this Festival will be acknowledged by the presentation of our special “Harlequin Award” to each performing group. This honour may be refused to any company not conforming to the Festival rules.
Article 6 To promote education and cultural and artistic development, the Festival will organize workshops of a high international standard.

CHAPTER III – Conditions of participation

Article 7 The number of participants at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival is determined by the Organizing Committee and will normally be not less than 12 groups, of which 4 will be Nova Scotia groups.

Article 8 Each participating company will present a complete theatrical performance, from the national or international repertory, experimental or traditional, classic or modern, published or unpublished, not longer than 50 minutes and not less than 30 minutes duration.

Article 9 Traveling expenses will be the responsibility of the participating groups. International companies participating in the Festival will be accommodated in private homes free of charge for up to five nights inclusive. Meal vouchers, which may be redeemed at local restaurants, are also provided to internationals. This benefit will normally be limited to ten persons from each participating group, whether as actors, director or technicians. The number of non-actors should not exceed three persons. International companies will be met at Halifax International Airport and transported to Liverpool, and returned to the airport following the Festival. All financial transactions must be settled upon arrival in Liverpool.

Article 10 The companies are required to bring special sets, furniture and properties needed for their performance. The Organizing Committee can provide only regular curtains, general furniture and properties only. Set up time for sets, furniture and props on stage before the play is limited to15 minutes. The Production Manager will schedule a separate rehearsal/set-up time.

Article 11 The Astor Theatre, in which companies will present their performances, will be placed at their disposal in proper working order, under the direction and supervision of the Festival’s Production Manager.

Article 12 Each Company is responsible for obtaining, from the relevant agent, written permission to present its performance at LITF. This authorization must reach the Artistic Director no later than 30 days prior to the Festival.

Article 13
For publicity purposes, each company should try to obtain authorization for the live or recorded radio/television transmission of extracts or of the whole of their performance, subject to the same time limits and conditions.

Article 14 Each Company must provide, within the deadline, the information and documents requested in Festival questionnaires. Failure to do so could result in the company losing its right to participate in the Festival.

CHAPTER IV – Procedure of Enrolment

Article 15 Companies requesting participation will have to submit a complete proposal (dossier) on their proposed performance to the Artistic Director by the posted deadline. This should include: a description of the group, its history and its activity; the full text of the play (in the case of a non-text play, the scenario) in its original language, as well as a complete synopsis in English; a list of all the actors and their professions; details of technical design and requirements 5 – 10 different action photographs (colour and/or black and white, also digital accepted) of the play; if possible, a video recording, (VHS, DVD or CD) of the entire play. This proposal should be submitted, along with a commitment to quality, (see Article 3) signed by the responsible body.

Article 16 The decision of final selection belongs to the Artistic Director and Board of LITF, based on the proposals submitted.

CHAPTER V – Organization

Article 17 The organization of LITF is entrusted to the Board of Directors of the Liverpool International Theatre Festival and its contracted Artistic Director.

Article 18 The LITF Board sets the planning of the Festival activities, which is presented to the participants by the most expedient means. The Artistic Director will decide the date, time and place of the performances according to the requirements of the programme. Participants must conform to all rules and most especially to the timetable.

Article 19 Upon arrival at the Festival Headquarters, each participant of the Festival will receive an official badge with the Festival logo attached. The official badge serves to show the participant’s official status at LITF and must be worn at all times to give access to all the facilities of the Festival. Persons escorting the companies may also be allowed to purchase and wear the official badge.

Article 20 The interpretation of the general rules and matters of a financial nature are the responsibility of the LITF Board. Points not covered in the above articles will be subject to the Board’s decision. These decisions will generally be communicated to the participants in writing.

Article 21 Each company invited to take part in the Festival (actors, technicians or producers) is duty bound to respect these rules. Serious infringement or non-application of these rules may entail the immediate withdrawal of the invitation and the cancellation of the official presentation as well as, when appropriate, the refusal of the official participant award.



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