Artistic Director


An accomplished actor, director, and producer, Eva Moore’s greatest pleasure comes from putting all the pieces together to create exceptional theatre.Ms. Moore is one of the most important figures in LITF’s history. She helped conceive the idea of LITF in 1988 and played an instrumental role throughout the four-year process that culminated in 1992’s inaugural festival. Ms. Moore served as the Artistic Director at that event and at each subsequent festival until her departure in 2004.Recognized internationally for her contributions to the arts, Ms. Moore is in great demand as an adjudicator and speaker at theatre festivals and symposia around the world. She was warmly welcomed back as an adjudicator during LITF’s special tenth anniversary in 2010.

In addition to her pivotal role in LITF’s evolution, Ms. Moore has many other accomplishments to her name.

She is the past president of Theatre Canada and past director of the International Theatre Association, and was instrumental in creating the Yakumo International Theatre Festival in Matsue, Japan. She was the Artistic Producer of the G7 Summit Entertainment Showcase in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1995, and produced the World Theatre Festival Congress and Festival, also in Halifax, in 2003. As Artistic Director of the Stephenville Theatre Festival from 2005 to 2010, Ms. Moore was able to rescue the event from near-death, retiring an inherited massive debt in only four years.

Most recently, in the summer of 2011, Ms. Moore helped launch the New Actors’ Colony Theatre in Ontario with long-time collaborator and friend, Annette Procunier.

Ms. Moore is thrilled at having the opportunity to return to LITF, a project near and dear to her heart, and to the many friends she made here.

If you would like to contact Eva about the festival you can email her at