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Here’s how you can donate to LITF 2018

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An image from The Seven Days, a production by East-Voice for Arts, a theatre troupe from Egypt invited to the 2018 Liverpool International Theatre Festival. (East-Voice for Arts)

The Liverpool International Theatre Festival is a small, volunteer-run organization that relies on ticket sales, government grants, corporate sponsorships and individual donations to bring some great international theatre to Nova Scotia every two years.

If you are interested in supporting what we do, please take some time to read the donor letter from Jean Robinson-Dexter, our chairperson.

You can donate in one of two ways: by printing off the form here with Jean’s letter, or by going to the Theatre Nova Scotia donation page, selecting “Liverpool International Theatre Festival” from the drop-down menu and giving whatever you can.

Thank you so much for your support of the festival, and we hope to see you in Liverpool in October!

Liverpool International Theatre Festival announces 2018 lineup

Liverpool International Theatre Festival 2018 lineup

Theatre companies from China, Iran, Wales, Mexico and Liverpool, Nova Scotia, are among the dozen troupes travelling to the Liverpool International Theatre Festival in October.

The lineup for the 2018 Liverpool International Theatre Festival is as diverse as the home countries of the performers.

A dozen theatre troupes from 11 countries representing five continents are expected to participate in this year’s festival from Oct. 18 to 21 at the historic Astor Theatre in Liverpool.

Companies from the Central African Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Nepal, Iran, China, Argentina, Wales, Peru, Bangladesh and Liverpool, Nova Scotia, will be wowing audiences at the 14th biennial festival.

The plays cover a wide range of themes and styles, from a Chinese opera and a study of corruption and loss in Mexico to a Moliere classic from one of Bangladesh’s top theatre companies and more personal plays about family, friendship and identity from Nepal, Iran and from Liverpool’s Winds of Change Dramatic Society. (Here is a brief description of each play.) 

Andrew Bursey and Jon Paterson, the festival’s artistic directors, unveiled the lineup on Thursday.

Jean Robinson-Dexter, chairperson of LITF 2018, says that audiences will be entertained by the eclectic slate of innovative theatre.

“The 2018 festival is going to be a wonderful mix of new troupes representing countries that haven’t been with us before and old friends from troupes that we’re excited to welcome back.  All of them will bring exciting pieces of theatre to our stage.”

The Liverpool International Theatre Festival was founded in 1990 to showcase compelling amateur theatre from around the globe. Since the first festival in 1992, LITF has brought the world to Nova Scotia every two years.

Audiences have unique opportunities to offer feedback directly to the performers in morning-after critiques. Theatre troupes are eligible for various awards during the festival.

Theatre lovers can now buy a full festival pass at a special reduced price for a limited time, at the Astor Theatre by calling 902-354-5250 and through Ticketpro at

Call for submissions: Liverpool International Theatre Festival awards

These awards were designed by Liverpool artist Libby Broadbent for the 2014 festival. (YOUTUBE)

The board of directors of the 2018 Liverpool International Theatre Festival is calling for submissions for original designs for this year’s festival awards.

This is a wonderful opportunity to have the unique honour of showcasing your artwork at the international level. These awards will be presented to participants from around the globe and will serve as a one-of-a-kind Maritime keepsake for each winner.

Interested artists are asked to consider that the awards should be lightweight and easily packed for travel. Please consider packaging for travel within your submission. In addition, the award should incorporate the LITF brand – the Jester Fish and provide a place to identify the award (e.g. Best Canadian Production, Best Actor). Ten awards are required, with a budget of $2,000, including HST. The successful artist will also be highlighted in the festival program.

Your submission should include:

  • the medium the award will be designed in;
  • description of the award (maximum 250 words) and sketch or photo of a similar piece;
  • dimensions of the award;
  • written commitment to have awards completed by October 11, 2018.

To make a submission or to ask any questions, please contact Annette Burke at 902-350-0551 or via e-mail at The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2018.

LITF 2016 Schedule

LITF Schedule

Wednesday, May 18
7 pm
Opening Ceremonies
Parade of Flags (begins at the VIC at 6:30 pm)

Presentation of
71st Annual Queens Music Festival – Musical Theatre performances

Opening Reception
Lane’s Privateer Inn

Thursday, May 19
7:00 pm
LAKPA ~ Incomplete Dreams
IATA Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Lomangthang is a small village that sits on the lap of high mountains where even in the warmer month of Falgun, the strong wind never gives in. Villagers are thankful to have a roof over their heads and a meal to eat. Among these is 8-year-old Lakpa, who lives with his father in a small stone house. Since his wife’s demise, Lakpa’s father had to sell all their sheep leaving them with only three yaks…who are now his family.

The village has a small school open only 3 months of the year because of the extreme cold. Lakpa’s yaks had been his companions, his teachers till now. With school starting soon, the opportunity of learning even simple things like the alphabet from an actual teacher is exciting for the boy. He does not care much for the quality of the education, but only for the simplicity of life that he could not afford, like a regular meal and wearing a uniform. This is a story of the importance of education, and how it is perceived by people who do not understand its value…just like Lakpa.

8 :30 pm
Vert la democratie
Le Club Theatre NDA
Cheticamp, NS Canada

The play is set in a fictional society were everyone dresses in black except for red sneakers. They are known as “Rougeliens”. Everything is wonderful in this society until someone decides to wear green sneakers. They are called “Veristes”, hence the play on words in the title ‘Vert la démocratie” and not “Vers la démocratie

The play is comical despite the serious topic, because the deadpan delivery makes the whole premise of discrimination based on the colour of footwear seem so ridiculous. The play is also an excellent exposé on the subject of democracy which can be a force for change and social justice, but when twisted, can be a tool for suppression of basic human rights.

10:00 pm
Gypsy Jazz & Swing
Festival Club (Lane’s Privateer Inn)

Featuring Donald MacLennan

Friday, May 20

10:00 – 11:00 am
Coffee Critique
Festival Hub (Liverpool Curling Club)

11:30 am – 4 pm
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Musical Theatre Workshop
Town Hall Arts & Cultural Centre

In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, our workshops will focus on “having fun with the Bard”. Brush Up Your Shakespeare will combine music, drama and dance in ensemble, and be presented at several local schools this week. An extended version will be offered for LITF participants and delegates Friday through Sunday at the Town Hall Arts & Cultural Centre.

7:00 pm
De La Cocha al Ma Peru
Cuerpos y Alma
Lima, Peru

De La Cocha al Mar the story of a river fish inspired by a Peruvian story called “El Bagrecito” by Francisco Izquierdo Rios. In the original story, the fish wishes to travel to the sea, but in this play, it has the dream to travel to the city. The fish goes to the jungle, to the Andes, and to the coast, where he sees many issues, including contamination, abuse, and deforestation but he also sees friendship. A colourful, original play with a touching message.

8:30 pm
The Fork on the Left
Bedford Players
Bedford, NS Canada

This original romantic comedy follows the visit of British illustrator Elizabeth Wrenn to Nova Scotia’s north shore. Elizabeth ventures into Newcomb’s Pub, meets the regulars and soon becomes one herself. She turns her attention to local festivals and events; and the gents at the pub turn their attention to her. An unexpected visit from an ex, some not-so-subtle orchestration by the pub owner and it becomes hard to keep up with all the goings-on!

10 pm
Sing Along Friday
Festival Club (Lane’s Privateer Inn)

Featuring The Wondrous Jam Band

Saturday, May 21

10:00 – 11:00 am
Coffee Critique
Festival Hub (Liverpool Curling Club)

11:30 am – 4 pm
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Musical Theatre Workshop
Town Hall Arts & Cultural Centre

7:00 pm
Untold Stories
BharatiI Kapadia
Mumba, India

Untold Stories is a collage of implicitly connected memories, episodes, ideas, observations, references and comments, ranging from personal to social and political, from topical to historical and other such thoughts.

The literary form of Untold Stories is a hybrid, which takes from various genres like burlesque, travesty, rhetoric, satire and other such, but the main stepping stone is the stream of consciousness genre of writing characterized by associative leaps in thought and absence of explicit, logical links.

8:30 pm
Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Uranus
The Gypsy Stage Company
Wilmington, Delaware USA

How did humanity come into being? Why do women and men act the way they do? Evolution, societal pressures, psychological growth? WRONG! It all began in a petri dish in the Genome Observation Department (GOD).  That’s right! It seems that, per the Boss’s instructions, two well-meaning but bumbling technicians conducted an experiment that yielded a split result. Relabelled “Man” and “Woman” the subject matter was poured into a petri dish, and the experimental observations began.

By the end, with relevant intervention by the technicians, the two subjects have humorously made their way to maturity and acknowledge that, even through the difficult times, their “life” together was well worth it.

10 pm
World Grove
Festival Club (Lane’s)

Featuring Zulkamoon

Sunday, May 22

10:00 – 11:00 am
Coffee Critique
Festival Hub (Liverpool Curling Club)

11:30 am –2:30 pm
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Musical Theatre Workshop
Town Hall Arts & Cultural Centre

3 pm
Mermaid’s Tears
Winds of Change
Liverpool, NS Canada

Morna lives by the sea where she plays with mermaids to avoid her cruel mother. Across the channel, a handsome young man lives with his widowed father, dreaming of a better life. Morna finds love in the young man’s arms, becomes with child, but he runs away leaving her alone with only the mermaids to see her tears. Determined to destroy both her and the child, Morna’s mother chases her to the water’s edge. Morna tumbles into the sea where the mermaid makes a deal… the soul of the mother, for the life of the child. The young man’s father, tries to end his life because he is alone, but the mermaid rouses him by giving him Morna’s child, Esme, to raise as his own.

Mermaid’s Tears is narrated by Esme and her Grandfather as they sit on the wharf fishing, reflecting on the events that led to Esme’s arrival in her Grandfather’s life.

7 pm
Strolling Group of Actors
Signagi Theatre
Signagi, Georgia

A performance in the ancient style of Berikaoba (the base of Georgian theatre), which involved a group of people wearing masks of various animals, wandering from village to village performing folk songs, dances, and poetry for the public.

The plot of this play involves Berika actors performing, but this displeases the Elder of the village. One Berika falls in love with the Elder’s daughter, but he does not approve. The Lord of the village who expects a new baby, asks Berikas to perform in honour of this event, and he also decides to help the young couple to get married. During the wedding, the village is surrounded by enemies. The wedding stops and everyone goes to war to defend their country.

The play reflects the role of Georgian mother when she sends her prayers for her warrior child and how she feels responsible for every step her son makes during the fight. The play also reflects the purity of the relationship of Georgian couples and how they keep their traditions, perfectly showing the rituals for a newborn baby.

8:30 pm
Closing Ceremonies & Awards

10 pm
International Night
Festival Club (Lane’s)

Learn about the plays

Check out the Schedule & Line-Up link for information about the troupes joining us and the schedule.

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